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Vobster, Out and About
Vobster is a quite English Hamlet and cannot lay claim to any great events. But there is still plenty of interest at the common day to day level. Things that are unusual, beautiful or just down right odd!

Features of Interest

If you are visiting Vobster and want to spend an hour or two exploring, then I hope to give you a few ideas here.
I would suggest that you have a look at the Nature and History pages as well as these might have areas of special interest for you.
And of course the Walks page has maps and suggestions.

The Old Quarries
One of the princble features of the Village is the three old water filled quarries. Quarries are common in the Mendips and many are still worked, but those in Vobster went out of use decades ago and naturally filled with water.
They are all in the Upper section of the village (see the map) but are no longer accessible to the general public.
Two are used for fishing, and the third and largest is now a sucba-diving school.
They attract bird life that would otherwise not be seen in the area, princibly Swan, Canadian Geese and rather strangely Cormorant!
Sunken Road
To the north of Vobster is the village of Newbury. There is a small road that links the two villages which started to subside about five years ago. It began with small cracks in the road. These gradually grew, and now the road has sunk to a depth of some twenty to thirty feet! It is of course fenced off, and the road is closed. Each year the hedges intrude a little further in to the old road, and within two or three years it will be difficult to tell that a road was there at all.